Where can I get support for using MMS/CD?

MMS is a developing field.  Things change as we learn more and make progress with different methods.  Many people are working on this on different levels.  This is an attempt to point you in the right direction for the information you are seeking.
 Terminology  Activators
MMS is now called CD by Kerri Rivera and all her support groups.

MMS/CD must be mixed with an activator before use. There are 2 recommended.

MMS1/MMS/CD = all the same thing, 28% solution of sodium chlorite, a liquid.
CDS = chlorine dioxide solution; usually make this yourself, a liquid.
MMS2 = calcium hypochlorite, a powder.
Citric acid 50% primary recommended activator by Jim Humble groups.
HCl 4% or 5% primary recommended activator by Kerri Rivera groups.
As far as support groups go, there are groups following Kerri's MMS/CD and parasite protocol as found in her book and support groups for Jim Humble protocols as presented in his book.  Kerri's groups are more heavily moderated to stay on topic than the Jim Humble groups.  I am involved in administrating all these groups.
 Kerri Rivera Support Groups
 Jim Humble Support Groups
NOTE: Kerri's groups are heavily moderated to stay on topic. These are support groups NOT debate groups, a positive, supportive atmosphere is maintained.

NOTE: less heavily moderated thus allowing for greater diversity of views, but these are support groups also NOT debate groups.

CD Autism Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/AutismCD/  ASD support only
 Genesis 2 Forum http://www.g2cforum.org/
CDHealth Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/mojoother/ Adults following Kerri's protocols for various conditions
CDS for ASD Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/cdsforasd/ for discussing CDS making as decribed in Kerri's book
CD Autism Forum http://mmsautism.org/forum/ for discussing Kerri's protocols  
Jim Humble's books http://jhbooks.org/
Kerri Rivera's book http://mmsautism.org/bookstore
These protocols require you to take responsibility for your own health.  You need to get the book you want to follow first, and then get support on one or more of these groups.  There are very experienced and helpful people on all these groups.  Some are more active than others. 
It is important to remember these are support groups for people who want and need help.  We are not here to debate with doubters, we are here to help those who want help and appreciate it.  Troublemakers get weeded out fast because they harm those who really need help.  Many good people are freely donating countless hours of help for those who need it.  Please pay it forward and jump in to start helping others when you get helped yourself.  All of us working together can make a big difference in many, many lives.
There are many doubters and haters on the internet, just ignore them.  That's what we are doing and we keep recovering people who want help.  Please feel welcome to join us!

Michael 8/10/13


Kerri's Book out now!!!
93 children recovered to date!!! 
I recommend this book for ALL chronic illness.
Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism by Kerri Rivera
Healing The Symptoms Known as Autism-w99-pdf
In 2.5 years, 93 children previously diagnosed with regressive autism were able to shed their diagnosis, their symptoms, and return to an overall state of health and vitality. If you have any interest in finding out how they were able to heal you need to read this book. Kerri has a heart for children with autism, and she cares greatly about recommending safe, economical interventions that are helping to confront an epidemic. --Teri Arranga, Executive director of AutismOne.
Purchase here.
Kerri has outlined a very complete approach to autism recovery that includes an understanding of the importance of Biofilm theory and protocol. She recommends safe interventions that do no harm, and are helping to confront an epidemic. Kerri's approach includes common sense dietary recommendations, the use of supplements to restore balance to the body and immune system, as well as mild oxidative therapies to address chronic infection and inflammation. She has taken children who were in the throes of autism, meaning chronic illness, to healing. The symptoms being labeled as autism are fading away, the children are talking and socializing, and their ATEC scores prove beyond a shadow of a doubt what their parents are claiming: their children no longer have autism. Kerri's grasp of a biomedical approach to Autism recovery, paired with her passion for service has allowed families of all socioeconomic backgrounds to have what they might never have otherwise found: a means by which to help their children.


Who is Michael Harrah?
For a recent update on my story, here is a testimonial video shot in April of this year, 2013, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvkBaKss2r4&feature=c4-overview&list=UU8eoSbBWWJo80-BGMuVYJuw .  Since about 1996 I have been fighting chronic fatigue syndrome, gut problems/pain/dysfunction, multiple chemical sensitivity, and lifelong lung congestion respiratory infections.  By following Kerri Rivera's MMS and parasite protocol for about 9 months now, my lifelong lung problems have resolved and the chemical sensitivity is hardly noticeable.  Gut problems are reduced in that I am no longer in constant pain but I do have to follow a very strict paleo/SCD/blood type diet.  As long as I stay on it I don't hurt and I actually gain some weight.  The chronic fatigue is also gradually resolving.  I still have a long way to go to have normal energy but I can at least carry out light work all day long. 
These are all huge improvements for me for which I am extremely grateful to my God who has led me through this.  When I got very sick after graduating from law school in 1995 and pretty much lost my life dreams in the ensuing year, and figured out the doctors could not help me, then I decided to humble myself before my Maker.  I've never regretted that and I soon found peace and joy flooding into my depressed heart.  When the sickness dragged on and on and I realized I had lost my health, my wife of 10 years and my new career, I had slipped into depression but the solution was merely to humble myself and seek Him. 
For me this path of many years of debilitating chronic illness and the struggling to get well without the benefit of professionals has taught me many valuable spiritual lessons.  It has taught me to walk with, listen to, and trust in my God, and how to have thankfulness and peace in my heart through it all.  I have done this through cultivating thankfulness in my thoughts, eliminating negative inputs, and praying to and worshiping my God.
I know today many people don't want to hear about God, religion or Jesus because so many have had such hurtful experiences with people and institutions who abuse those words.  I understand that because I grew up in churches myself and when I finally truly humbled my heart, then my eyes were opened and I saw the hypocrisy and the many lies I had been taught, often by well meaning people.  I had to learn to listen to God myself where he speaks in a still, small voice in my heart.  Churchianity is not the real thing.
Our Creator loves us with an unimaginable love we cannot begin to understand.  There was a point in all this not long after I had humbled myself, that the Most High God did reveal his love for me so I could feel it.  I will never forget it.  We cannot even imagine how powerful and good it is.  It is there for all of us to have, we must only receive it and that can only be done by humbling ourselves and becoming like a little child in our hearts.  I am speaking from my experience.
The One who created us is near to all of us and loves every one of us and he has provided a way that we can come right into his presence and receive the free gift of eternal life.  This story has been abused by many religions and hypocrites but in my own personal experience it is true.  The Most High God, our Creator, sent his only Son to earth.  The churches use the name Jesus but his real name would have been Hebrew and Yahushua or Yeshua.  By whichever name though, he really did show us how to live and gave his life up as a sacrifice to redeem all those who would believe in him.
You can read any of the Gospels in the Bible to learn what Jesus (Yeshua is his Hebrew name) said about how to be saved and receive the gift of everlasting life welling up inside of you.  To receive this gift really only takes a simple, sincere prayer if your heart is humble like a child and you really want to receive it.  To be humble, you've got to admit you do not meet up to your Creator's standards and you want and need this gift of salvation from him purchased by Jesus.  The gift of salvation washes you and cleanses you from all your unrighteousness and that makes it so you can have a relationship with your God, you can walk with him daily.  This is the only way I have found to have true peace and joy in my heart, regardless of the circumstances.  It really does work and I've suffered through many years to prove it to myself.
I do not want to end this introduction without giving you a prayer, so that if you want to receive this same gift I have received you can do it be praying this simple prayer.  If you are honest in your heart, this works and it will unleash power in your life you can't imagine.  If you honestly seek God with your heart, he will reveal himself to you and all his love and goodness.
Dear Heavenly Father, I humble myself before you and admit that I need you and your salvation.  I have sinned and failed to meet up to your standards.  I want to receive the free gift of eternal life that was purchased by your Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose again.  I repent and want to change my ways and follow you and your ways.  Please give me this gift of salvation and a new life.  I receive it now and thank you for this precious gift. Amen.
When you pray this prayer, then the Holy Spirit of God comes into your life and begins changing you.  I wish I could recommend a church or place to go to help you continue once you have started this journey into a new life, but I cannot.  The best thing is to simply seek God with your heart and learn to listen to him speak in that still, small voice.  He does not speak to your head and your mind because that is usually demons putting thoughts into your head.  It is your heart where he speaks.  When you truly seek him, then you will find him, that is a promise he has given and he always does what he says.

Michael Harrah
August 8, 2013